If I Said Only So Far I Take It Back (2018)

If I Said Only So Far I Take It Back
Mia Dyson may have found her true voice. The Australian artist returns with an album stuffed with bluesy-rock numbers, the sort that flow from a songwriter in tune with herself.
— Billboard
  • Produced by Ben Tanner and Erin "Syd" Sidney
  • Recorded at Portside Sound in Muscle Shoals, Alabama
  • All songs engineered and mixed by Ben Tanner
  • except "Bleeding Heart" by Jason Mariani
  • Assistant Engineering by Albert Rothstein and Jamie Sego
  • Mastered by Richard Dodd
  • All songs by Mia Dyson (APRA/BMI) and Karl Linder (ASCAP)
  • "Beloved" by Mia Dyson, Karl Linder and Erin "Syd" Sidney (ASCAP)
  • Mia Dyson - guitars, vocals
  • Erin "Syd" Sidney - drums, percussion
  • David Hood - bass
  • Ben Tanner - keys, additional guitar
  • Eric Sullivan - additional guitar on "Beloved"
  • Lee Pardini and Zac Clark - additional keys on "Fool" and "Beloved"
  • Kimi Samson - Strings on "Being Scared"
  • John Paul White - backing vocals on "Being Scared" and "Everything Is Waiting For You"
  • Daniel Wright - backing vocals on "Nothing"
  • Rare Gear supplied by Greg Pace/FunkWerks
  • Cover photograph by Abraham Rowe
  • Artwork by Aaron Taylor-Waldman

Right There (2016)

Five brand-new songs from Mia Dyson, recorded in Nashville with Joe Pisapia.
  • All songs by Mia Dyson and Karl Linder (©2016 APRA/ASCAP)
  • Produced and Mixed by Joe Pisapia
  • Recorded at Middletree Studios in Nashville, TN
  • Engineered by Joe Pisapia and Alex Munoz
  • Mastered by Roger Siebel at SAE Mastering
  • Artwork by Sam Smith
  • Mia Dyson - guitar, vocals
  • Erin 'Syd' Sidney - drums, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
  • Lee Pardini - keys, bass, backing vocals
  • Joe Pisapia - pedal steel, additional guitars, bass on ‘Talk To Me’, backing vocals

Idyllwild (2014)

Idyllwild is a cohesive 11 tracks of authentic, roots-rock brilliance. If 2012’s The Moment was Dyson’s career-defining reinvention, Idyllwild is the proof that she can improve upon that record’s strong foundation. (Featured Album)
— Double J
  • All songs by Mia Dyson with Lee Pardini & Erin “Syd” Sidney (©2014 APRA/ASCAP) Except “Want You There” by Pat Cupples (©2014 ASCAP)
  • Produced by Erin "Syd" Sidney and Patrick Cupples for The Co-Op
  • Recorded by Jason Mariani at Brotheryn Studios in Ojai, CA
  • Additional Recording at The Co-Op West in Ventura, CA
  • Mixed by Pat Cupples
  • Mastered by Jason Mariani
  • Artwork and Design by Aaron Taylor-Waldman
  • Mia Dyson - vocals, electric guitar, lap steel, baritone guitar, harmonica
  •  Lee Pardini - bass, piano, keyboards, backing vocals & glockenspiel
  • Erin 'Syd' Sidney - drums, percussion, backing vocals & additional guitar
  • Pat Cupples - backing vocals & additional guitar
  • Additional backing vocals by Dylan Allen & Brendan Willing James
  • Guitar solo on 'Any 3 Chords' by Barney Tower
  • Dedicated to the memory of Gayle Tower Brinkenhoff

The Moment (2012)

This is a career-defining record for Dyson…her music will linger in people’s hearts long after it has stopped playing (★★★★)
— Herald Sun
  • Produced by Erin "Syd" Sidney and Patrick Cupples for The Co-Op
  • Engineered by Jason Mariani at Brotheryn in Ojai, CA
  • Mixed by Pat Cupples, except "When The Moment Comes" mixed by Jason Mariani
  • Mia Dyson (lead vocal, electric guitar, lap steel, piano)
  •  Lee Pardini (piano, organ, electric and double bass)
  • Erin Sidney (drums, percussion, guitar, backing vocals)
  • Patrick Cupples (guitars, backing vocals)
  • Lisa Piccirillo (backing vocals)
  • Mike Cottone (trumpet)
  • Executive Producer Geoff Irwin

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